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Martin Swinger: Studio Recordings

Gravity (CLICK BELOW!)

(Martin Swinger)
Martin Swinger


This song will be on my upcoming (Spring 2011 release), M O O N.

      Gravity was inspired on a trip in northern Maine. I headed out of town for a week-long residency teaching songwriting in Presque Isle and left with some tensions remaining between my sweetie and I.  While driving North on Route 1 from Houlton, I was astonished to discover a huge replica of the planet Saturn standing by the side of the road, so pulled over to call home and see what reparations could be made from so far away... Good news is all is well, but the moment was magic and unforgettable, and so the song began...


I am calling from Saturn

From the top of Farm Hill

I'm afraid you won't answer

And afraid that you will...

I blasted off with both rockets

Burning fire to break free

Now I'm light-years from freedom

Free from your Gravity...