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Martin Swinger: What's Happening

Living Things is avaliable!

Living Things, my 6th CD finally arrived in April and with the help of Hudson Harding Promotions reached #33 on FolkDJ charts!  After the initial splash, I'm thrilled to tell many of the DJs continue to play songs from the CD. I love that they each gravitated toward different songs - which says to me that they're ALL GOOD!  

Living Things is available through CD Baby as a CD or by download. You can hear me on Spotify and Pandora and other streaming venues. OR, you can order an autographed copy directly from me. 

Contact me by email. CD is $15 + $4 S&H. 

HUNGRY POND - a new venture - September 7, 2016

HUNGRY POND is a musical I have been working on for years which is gaining such momentum that I feel I can finally say it out loud without jinxing things!

Songs include:

Momma Fish's Lullaby (SWIM, Little Fishies!)

Catfish Gives Thanks (It ALL Comes Down to ME!

Good Morning, Hungry Pond!

Lazy Waterbug

The Amoeba Song (All Thanks to the Sun!)


...and MORE~~


Hungry Pond is a musical exploration of the Life Cycle of a pond - who eats who, what eats what...  Imagine Tim Burton teaching Earth Science and you've got an idea where this is coming from and where it might be going!  Some of the songs are currently included in my performance repertoire, others, you'll just have to catch me in a special showcase!

Winner, SolarFest! - July 16, 2013

2013 SolarFest in Tinmouth, VT was a blast of ecological living possibilities and great live music! Their songwriting competition invited 10 fine artists including:

  •  Keiti Botula – Burlington, VT
  •  Stephen Dijoseph – Philadelphia, PA
  •  Annalise Emerick – Boston, MA 
  •  Clancy Harris – Berlin, VT
  •  Laura Heaberlin – Underhill, VT
  •  Rorie Kelly – Brooklyn, NY
  •  Terry Kitchen – Boston, MA
  •  Rob Mattson – Upton, MA
  •  Heather Pierson – Conway, NH 
  •  Martin Swinger – Augusta, ME


I was HONORED to have been chosen First Place and will return to perform at next year's SolarFest!

Winner! Mid-Atlantic Song Contest! - December 24, 2012

     Happy to be in the fine company of Conner Garvey, Butch Morgan, Lara Herscovitch and  Anna Dagmar as winners in the 29th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest presented by SAW - Songwriter's Association of Washington (DC)!

     In the 'Open' category I won an Honorable Mention for Betty Boop & Buddha and Finalist for Little Plastic Part!


An Agent, An Opportunity and an Open Door! - September 19, 2012

      Fall is shaping up very nicely!  

      In May I signed on with Jean Butler who runs an agency in Acton, MA called Arts Are Essential. AAE's primary focus is booking arts educators into schools so I'm VERY excited to have her support finding gigs teaching Songwriting in the Classroom for K-5 students, for Continuing Education for teachers and leading Improvisational Singing workshops for choirs! I'm proud to be on her roster with many fine world-class performers!  Her website is:  Check it out!

      I have attended New England Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA) for the past 3 Novembers allowing me to get to know Folk DJ's, Festival, Concert and Coffee House presenters and a slew of other singer/songwriter/performers. I feel very honored this year to have been selected to perform at the 'Suzie Wallenberg DJ Showcase' on Thursday evening of NERFA. This is a fine honor as the point of the showcase is for DJ's to share some of their favorite artists with other DJ's!  I was invited by Dave Palmater of WUMB, Boston and will share the evening with some dear friends including Boxcar Lilies  and Anna Dagmar   and others!

      I've recently been invited to re-join All The Way In vocal improvisation intensive workshop in Montreal, CA with instructor, Rhiannon ( ), who is an AMAZING performer and long-time vocalist with Bobby McFerrin. I began this three week intensive in 2009 with an April week in Ithaca, NY, an August week in Point Reyes, CA, and the final week was held in Montreal in October. Sadly, my Mother passed away within minutes of arriving in Montreal so I had to leave, but Rhiannon is finally back in this cycle of lessons and I have been invited to return to Montreal to explore vocal improvisation with dancers, jazz musicians and other world-class singers!  (Donations for this trip are WELCOME!!)



First Place at Rose Garden! - September 19, 2012

In May last Spring I was honored with FIRST PLACE in the Rose Garden Coffee House Songwriting Competition in Mansfield, Mass. I shared Little Plastic Part and Betty Boop & Buddha and was proud to accept the award of a cash prize and an an opportunity to share a full set of music coming up on February 9, 2013. Visit the calendar page for details!

MOON is honored as #3! - January 17, 2012

MOON has reached the lofty honor of Third Place in the 'Top 20 Albums' for the Year (2011) on a recent survey for OUTvoice charts!

Vocal Skinny-Dipping Workshop - January 8, 2012

'Vocal Skinny-Dipping' is the name of the workshop I offer on improvisational singing. I've led this workshop for high school singers, church groups, retreat centers, music festivals and at social and professional gatherings.

Beginning with simple warm-ups and games we scaffold our improvisational singing into more complex, sophisticated and ultimately gratifying singing experience for singers at any level. All you need to bring is the desire to sing and some friends!

The Existential Band! - January 8, 2012

I am terribly honored that my friend and MOON producer, Ed Desjardins, has begun touring with me, backing me up on keyboards, cajone, guitar and vocal harmony. Ed is a SUPER talented performer in his own right, and to have his support onstage is humbling and a great addition to my show. I should say, OUR show!  Join us in a live performance soon or check out recent additions to my YouTube presence to see and hear us LIVE!

FIRST PLACE at Ossipee Valley!!! - August 19, 2011

I was pleased to compete in the Ossipee Valley Music Festival Song Competition in July 2011. There were MANY GREAT performers and fine songs. I was honored with the First Place award which included a money award and a slot on the 2012 Main Stage Ossipee Valley Music Festival.  Can't WAIT!!

MOON RISING!! - August 1, 2011

I'm very proud to announce MOON was the featured CD on Jon Stein's Hootenanny Cafe WTBQ 1110 last night and my song Betty Boop & Buddha was featured on Dr. Demento!


GREATEST NEWS OF ALL?   Little Plastic Part won FIRST PLACE at the 8th Annual North Atlantic Songwriting Contest!  I won a cash prize plus a FULL MAINSTAGE SET at next year's Ossipee Valley Music Festival!

New M O O N on the rise! - May 2, 2011

A new CD called M O O N is now available under 'Buy my CD's'. Debuted  in May of 2011, the album features audience favorites, Betty Boop & Buddha, Little Plastic Part, Coney Island Lullaby and introduces new songs only now being heard in live performances. Wooden Boy inspired by the writings of autistic genius, Gene Marcus; Consider the Oyster, a wildly irreverent true science lesson based on the essay 'Love and Death Among the Mullusks' written by popular 50's food writer, M.F.K. Fisher; Man On the Moon is a poignant portrait of my father in his last days; My Old Shoe, a quirky love song; Gravity which you can listen to NOW on my MUSIC page; Something Like Goodbye, an intimate moment of awareness about a couple living with AIDS, and many more powerful and fun songs. 

Accepted for "ALL THE WAY IN"! - 2009

I am honored to have been selected to attend master classes on vocal improvisation with world renowned singer, Rhiannon, a member of Bobby McFerrin's 'Voicestra'. This is a great honor. She selects only 18 students per year and I'm thrilled to have been chosen to attend. The classes will be three weeks of intensive exploration and training on how to conduct improvisation classes and will take place in Van Etten, NY in May, in Point Reyes, California in August, and in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in October. I look forward to sharing my new skills with you all in concerts and workshops next year!

Songwriting Workshops for Adults - 2009

Martin leads an effective discussion and critique of songwriting and technique. An award-winning songwriter, Martin offers a wealth of knowledge to other songwriters.


Martin offers songwriting workshops and performances for young audiences. For more info visit

ImproVox Performances and "VORTEX" Workshops - 2009

Martin is a member of ImproVox, an A Capella Improvisational ensemble offering improvised music 'IN the moment - OUT of the box!' Improvox offers concerts and a community singing event called a "VORTEX". An ImproVox "VORTEX" is a participatory 'group sing' gathering for up to 30 people. No previous improvisational singing experience is necessary as ImproVox members lead the group through physical and vocal warm-ups and gently into simple improv games and gradually into more complex vocal play which gives instant results in a safe and supportive environment. The games are simple enough that your choir or group of friends may continue playing the games long after the VORTEX and are guaranteed to improve co-operative music sharing and community support among peers while creating unbelieveably beautiful music 'out of thin air'! Consider booking a private event for your friends, your choir, church, school, social or health retreat or office party. We can also help you arrange an open-to-the-public VORTEX for your community or region. Visit for more info, availability, logistics and financial arrangements.

Community Songwriting - 2009

PROMOTE COMMUNITY AWARENESS THROUGH SONGWRITING Martin is happy to design original songs, based on information you provide (local history, news articles, stories, locally written literature, local heroes, present & past or landmark locations...) and present it to your gathering in such a way that THEY get the fun experience of creating the song and adding their own verses! This is perfect for history-based community theatre projects or special interest groups. Propose an idea or contact Martin to brainstorm how to make this memorable experience happen in your community or group.

Songwriter for Hire - 2009

PRIDE SONGS, THEME SONGS, WEDDING, CELEBRATION AND HONOR SONGS : Martin has written several successful 'public' songs for TV themes, radio jingles, school songs and personal events. Martin can create a song that is a perfect fit for your event, wedding, goodbye or retirement party, a theme song for your TV or radio program, or Pride songs for your school or church. He requires an interview session and a minimum of two weeks time to create the song. You will receive recorded copy of the song for approval or feedback before the event. Price is negotiable.

Public Performances - 2009

COFFEEHOUSE/CONCERT PROGRAM Martin's award winning original songs are held in high esteem by fellow songwriters and audience alike. An easy-going and relaxed stage presence is the hallmark of Martin's performance, making his listeners feel comfortable and in the secure hands of a true professional. His three-plus octave range is exciting to hear and fun to sing along with. Song subject matter runs the gamut from personal songs of relations and events to story and descriptive songs full of humor, revalation, detail and surprise. Add to the mix familar Americana, swing and jazz standards or a Vaudeville chestnut and Martin offers a powerful performance with a broad audience appeal. SWING AND JAZZ STANDARDS (Dinner Music, Weddings, Cocktail Hour, Elders) Martin puts his smooth voice and classic style to work with some of your favorite songs of the 30's, 40's and 50's. Amazing skat singing and mouth blown trumpet solos keep the material fresh and fun. Sing-Along is welcomed. EMCEE/HOST (Festival, Concert, Special Event, Talent Show or Open Mike) In front of a large crowd Martin is comfortable as a pair of house slippers and magically makes the performers and audience feel at home and ready to enjoy. He is savvy about sponsor recognition and comfortable with the unpredictable nature of live events. NICHE AUDIENCES AND PRIDE EVENTS (Gay Audiences, Bears, Pride or Political Events) Martin has been writing for and entertaining Gay audiences for many years, appearing as EmCee and performer for PRIDE events, Cruises, World Aids Day, Political Ralleys, School Diversity Day, Civil Unions and Weddings. Martin offers an album (BearNAKED) and program specifically for BEAR events and will soon re-release his first PRIDE album, 'Singing OUT!'

Bear Events - 2008

Martin offers an intelligent and fun songs that reflect some themes very near and dear to Bears. He's great after dinner entertainment, before the evening romp begins. Songs to make you laugh, songs to make you think, songs to make you cuddle with your cub and appreciate being a Bear!

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