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Martin Swinger: Reviews and Comments

"Martin Swinger is one of those rare singer-songwriters who excels at everything: singing, songwriting, guitar-playing, and being so present with his humor, tenderness, and wild mind that his performances are also deep conversations, soul to soul and heart to heart, about the quirks, surprises, and love that brings us most alive. His songs, ranging from the little plastic parts that hold the world together, to what enlightenment comes from Buddha and Betty Boop falling in love, are whimsically and wisely original and enduring." - Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate Emeritus

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg - Kansas Poet Laureate (Oct 1, 2014)

Reviews by Professional Presenters

How can you resist this description of Martin Swinger on his website? “Robert Frost meets Tom Lehrer in ‘one potato chip’ songs that dare to venture into the worlds of Autism, Alzheimer’s, oysters, dyslexic theology, and the meeting of Betty Boop and Buddha.”  Martin is a Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist this year.

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Martin's show with us was a real treat. Just when you think you have him figured out, he comes at you from a completely different direction and amazes you all over again. He's a professional, entertaining musician of the first order.

Mac McLanahan, Artistic Director and Co-founder
The Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA


Mac Mclanahan - Rose Garden Coffeehouse

The show was terrific. It was very obvious that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Your show was outstanding !

David Engels: Emerald Concerts - Email After Concert (Jan 8, 2014)

Hello Martin,
Just wanted to let you know that everybody loved your show at the Union Coffeehouse!  I don't think I've had such an enthusiastic reaction to any of our shows in the 6 years that we've been doing them.  Your showmanship, your stories, your songs, your guitar playing - just everything was great!  I hope you enjoyed the audience as much as they enjoyed you. 

Many, many thanks for your outstanding performance.  I hope you will consider a return engagement next summer.

All the best,
Don Petersen
Union Coffeehouse

Don Petersen, Producer - Union Coffeehouse 8/11/12 (Aug 13, 2012)

Feedback Notes from 'Vocal Skinny-Dipping' Workshop with Harmonium Society


Martin, these are the most consistantly high scores I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been coordinating.  

19 fives (top evaluation score), 1 four, nothing lower!  Also 1 SIX!!! - not even ON the form!

The responses from the participants were consistently the most enthusiastic I’ve seen. 

Thank you once again for a most enjoyable experience.

Andy Moody, Workshop coordinator - Harmonium Society Vocal Skinny-Dipping Feedback (May 2, 2012)
“ I have hired Martin more frequently than any other performer on my list. ...he puts on a high quality show that appeals to audiences across the age spectrum. I recommend him without reservation.”
Bill Berlinghoff, Owner - Passing Tone Music
“There are performers who play AT the audience and musicians who play TO the audience. The performer who plays TO the audience is feeding back on their reactions and drawing them into his or her performance. Martin Swinger makes this connection. Martin’s ability to bring people inside his music is a wonderful talent. Aside from the fact that he is a fine songwriter, Swingers warmth and humor connects with his audience and leaves them wanting more. Our feedback from the East Sangerville Grange Coffeehouse has been A+++ and we recommend him highly.”
Sid Stutzman, Program Director - East Sangerville Grange Coffee House
Martin was a real hit at our Turtle Hill Folk Festival last year. He is talented as a singer and musician, presenting interesting, fun and thoughtful material, including covers as well as originals. He is an entertaining guy on and off stage, and a skillful songwriter to boot....His music was a perfect fit for the event.”
John Stevens, Festival Chairperson - Turtle Hill Folk Festival 2001
“ Martin, I write good songs and sing well, but watching you I realized there is something else I still need to develop. You just draw people into your stories and engage them, and I can’t put my finger on what it is, it’s a comfort and intimacy that you exude on stage. Maybe it just takes time to develop. I thought I was comfortable up there and then I saw you just make everyone feel like they were good friends you wanted to relate to. Anyway, you are truly inspirational to me...”
Freddy Freeman, Producer - BEARAPALOOZA NYC/Nashville

Radio DJ Reviews

"Martin Swinger...your performance left me speechless!

The spirit of Pete Seeger flows through you!"

I'm particularly fond of "Music in the Rafters" which I played two weeks in a row, something I don't ordinarily do.

 I really like your songs and enjoyed your performance.


Rich Warren - 98.7 WFMT Radio / Chicago (Nov 10, 2011)

 I think it (CD, M O O N) is absolutely wonderful.  In fact, I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Jon Stein - WTBQ / Warwick, NY (Oct 19, 2011)


Just recently discovered your music (via  your CD Moon that Sonny Ochs shared with WIOX) and must say that I am very impressed. Little plastic part, of course, grabbed my attention right away and has become one of my favorite tunes. Brilliantly written, composed and sung! 

Artie Martello, DJ - WIOX Radio / Roxbury, NY (Nov 26, 2011)

“ I looked at the cover and thought, 'Oh. Another self-released songwriter CD. Well, I owe it to everyone to pass it through my CD player. Hmmmm. Nice voice. Hmmmm. Fine players. Hmmm. Upbeat. Hmmmm. Smart writing. Hmmm. An uplifting feel. Let's play it again. And again. And again.' I get a ton of them...pounds and pounds of plastic each week and only a few precious ounces of real music. Do you realize how special your SCRAPBOOK is? Every singer/songwriter feels s/he is blessed, but so few truly are. Our listeners – and my fellow on air hosts – just love it.”

Marilyn Rea Beyer, Radio Host - WUMB Boston
Howdy Pardner!

I just sat down and listened to this CD (BearNAKED) about 4 times and I must say, you are a GENIUS!!!

Recording Reviews

I saw you at Jacks House Friday night. Loved it!  Am now listening to your album. It is  pure, it is beautiful, it is funny, it is all you could ask for in an album.

Hope to see you again

Rick B - Unsolicited Fanmail (Apr 8, 2014)

Must write to you immediately to tell you how fine I think your album is. I got it in the mail yesterday. I was driving around the island so it was the perfect time to listen end to end. I was laughing and crying and appreciating your quiet voice, your flexible voice, your so available emotional voice, your deeply resonant and lovely love, your powerful voice singing about real life. And great songs. Such good production and orchestration.
Masel tov darling. It is a wonder!
I will pass on the other copy. Not sure who gets it yet. Lucky them!

Wishing you the best,

Rhiannon - Fan Mail (May 16, 2011)

Speaking of older songs, one of my peculiar personality traits is that when I fall in love with a song, I play it over and over and over again; hearing and learning something new each time.  Fortunately for my family I listen to most of my music when driving or otherwise alone.  Something Like Goodbye instantly became one of those songs.  It is so deeply personal yet presented in a way that lets the listener in without feeling like a voyeur.  Seeing the date it was written gave it all the context I needed as I thought back to the friends and the partners of friends who lives ended around that time.  Thank you for adding at least one song to my compulsive listening list.  I promise to cease my amatuer reviewer status now.

Be well and thank you for your music.  Keep writing and singing.


Thom Harnett, Former Asst Attorney General of Maine - Unsolicited Fan Mail (Nov 26, 2011)
This (SCRAPBOOK) is a first class recording from a first class group of musicians. Martin also has one hell of a voice. If I had any connections at Austin City Limits I would be on the phone today.
Charlie Harrelson - Evor Music Group (Jan 5, 1999)

Fan Mail