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Martin Swinger: Support & CD's

Songwriting Coach - $25 half hour, $65 3 half hour sessions

As a songwriting coach, Martin can help you:

Choose universal subjects and instill them with personal meaning, color, detail, and life.    

Expand a subject idea to its fullest potential.  ­­

Build a song structure that carries and communicates your story to its fullest advantage.

Develop lyric expression with attention to robust language, easy elocution, and sensual connectivity.

Explore the role prosody plays in developing melody, meter, tempo, chord changes, key and vocal placement.

Learn to employ songwriting filters to streamline the lyrics: (prepositions, pronouns, red herrings, clichés)

Create songs with purpose, intention, reason, and goals.

Harness your songs to showcase your individual performance talents.

Facilitate school and community songwriting projects by scaffolding skill sets and offering models.

Determine what, how and when to ‘borrow’ from other artists to increase the value of your lyrics.

Gather stimulating and relevant information you’ll need to create a personalized song for private clients or public events.

Write, re-write, free write, assemble, disassemble, reassemble and create memorable and imaginative songs that people want to listen to!

Improve your songs with expert coaching

Contact Martin directly to discuss songwriting feedback/coaching. We'll use a combination of email and Skype to move forward quickly. Send song lyrics/recordings to Martin for preview, then Skype for feedback and suggestions. 

Donations to the NEXT Album "Living Things" - Living Things

I've begun writing, reviewing archives and plotting my next CD, Living Things and appreciate anyone willing to help support the album with a donation. I'm recording this winter 2017 and should have CD in hand by mid Spring.

You can check out my GoFundMe site:

You may donate thru PayPal   or


YOu could send a check directly to me at 52 Green St, Augusta, ME 04330

Please let me know you made a contribution via my email: 


MUCH appreciation for your faith in me!



I look forward to hearing from you!

M O O N CD - Buy or Download

Songs Worth Learning Songbook & CD - 70 songs to Improve Your Brain!

70 songs written in classrooms with K-5 children. All tunes are familiar melodies and songs are based on lesson information. FUN learning tool! Songs about: Digestive System, Using Decimals, Parts of the Eye, Bones of the Body and LOTS MORE! Each song is ready to be copied and passed out among students, the sing along CD is presented in keys comfortable for youth. Send $25 (S&H is included). to Martin Swinger 52 Green St, Augusta, ME 04330. BE SURE to include return address!

Not available online. Order directly from: Martin Swinger 52 Green St. Augusta, ME 04330

Faux-Fur "coffee table edition" of BearNAKED CD - Mature Adults only.

No real bears were harmed in making this very special CD edition of BearNAKED, lined with Faux Fur. An innovative conversation piece for the 'bear' on your gift list. DIRECT ORDER ONLY: Send $20 to home address.

I am 18 or older and a mature adult. This site is NOT intended for children.
For Mature Adults

To order directly from Martin - MOON or other CD's

Order MOON or other titles directly from Martin by mailing $15 + $2. S&H in check or money order to: Martin Swinger, 52 Green St. Augusta, ME 04330  

 Thanks!  Martin