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Martin Swinger: PROGRAMS

Improvisational Singing Workshops

Martin introduces edgy and exhilarating improvisational singing games and forms to high school, church and community choirs. Beginning with the simplest forms of duet improvisation (See-Saw), Martin builds skills in language creation (scat singing), motor/riff development, harmonic possibilities, parts, soloing, finally leading to full group improvisation and performance models. 

Martin trains with such musical luminaries as Rhiannon (long-time Bobby McFerrin co-performer), Ysaye Barnwell (Sweet Honey and the Rock) and Moira Smiley (Internationan vocalist and teacher). He is also founding member of the a cappella improv ensemble, ImproVox(.com).

The Workshop Coordinator for the Harmonium Choral Society of New Jersey reports:  "Martin, these are the most consistantly high scores I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been coordinating. 19 fives (top evaluation score), 1 four, nothing lower!  Also 1 SIX!!! - not even ON the form! The responses from the participants were consistently the most enthusiastic I’ve seen. Thank you once again for a most enjoyable experience."

"Vocal Skinny-Dipping" - Improvisational Singing