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Martin Swinger: PROGRAMS

Original Concert - Adult Contemporary

Family Concert, Multi-Generational

Songwriting Coach

Songwriting in the Classroom

Improvisational Singing Workshops

Martin introduces edgy and exhilarating improvisational singing games and forms to high school, church and community choirs. Beginning with the simplest forms of duet improvisation (See-Saw), Martin builds skills in language creation (scat singing), motor/riff development, harmonic possibilities, parts, soloing, finally leading to full group improvisation and performance models. 

Martin trains with such musical luminaries as Rhiannon (long-time Bobby McFerrin co-performer), Ysaye Barnwell (Sweet Honey and the Rock) and Moira Smiley (Internationan vocalist and teacher). He is also founding member of the a cappella improv ensemble, ImproVox(.com).

The Workshop Coordinator for the Harmonium Choral Society of New Jersey reports:  "Martin, these are the most consistantly high scores I’ve seen in the 3 years I’ve been coordinating. 19 fives (top evaluation score), 1 four, nothing lower!  Also 1 SIX!!! - not even ON the form! The responses from the participants were consistently the most enthusiastic I’ve seen. Thank you once again for a most enjoyable experience."

"Vocal Skinny-Dipping" - Improvisational Singing