Charter Bus Services: The Best Way To Travel For Students

Charter Bus Services: The Best Way To Travel For Students

An out of town class trip is a rite of passage for teenagers all across Michigan.  A couple of teachers and a class full of students board a Michigan charter bus and head off to Washington DC or a closer destination to experience some culture or learn some history.

Charter buses don’t appear at the school by divine intervention, they are in fact arranged by the teacher or one of the chaperoning parents. Here is the how and why they book a charter bus.

Advantages of a Charter Bus on a Class Trip

  • Cost savings – the most obvious advantage of using a charter bus on a class trip is cost. Students generally fund raise or have to pay for their class trip themselves and a charter bus is the best and least expensive option.
  • Keeps the group together – When students are on a charter bus they are traveling together in a more secure environment than when they are split up and in separate cars or buses.
  • Enables the group to do something fun – a bus is a great way to make a trip out of town a little more exciting.

How to Book a Charter for a Class Trip

Booking a charter bus is easy as 1-2-3. Most bus companies have websites that will allow you to book your bus online. If you know the number of students you need to transport and the dates, it is very simple.

To find a charter bus company, start with your school, they will be able to tell you who has chartered buses for a class trip. If the school doesn’t have a preferred vendor then you can do a simple Google search to find local charter bus company.

Most companies offer discounts for students, even if they are just at the elementary school level. It is always a good idea to call a few different companies to get quotes, compare them and then pick the one that offers the best rate.

If the class trip is an annual event, a charter bus is by far the best option for transporting the students. The charter bus is not only cheaper than any other option but also provides more opportunities for the group to be together and have fun on the way.  Every student loves the annual class trip and part of that comes from the fun they have on the bus trip to and from their destination.

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